Guiding You Through Every Aspect of Divorce

What is Collaborative Divorce Law?

Traditional divorce proceedings can have an adverse long-term impact on all parties, including children. But there are ways to lessen conflict and promote communication between divorced spouses. This solution is an alternative dispute resolution procedure called collaborative divorce. Learn more about it below. What is Collaborative Divorce Through collaborative divorce, divorced partners can come to […]

5 Tips for Working Through Marriage Conflict

Any intimate relationship will inevitably have friction. Even the healthiest relationships and marriages occasionally have arguments, miscommunications, and differences of opinion. The success of a marriage, however, depends depend on how the spouses handle these issues. Conflicts have the potential to foster understanding and growth or they can turn toxic and destructive, which can eventually […]

What Is Equitable Distribution?

Equitable distribution is used by the court to properly split the marital estate between spouses during divorce. This article will discuss equitable distribution, including what it is, how it operates, and some of the important considerations the court takes into account when dividing property. What is Equitable Distribution? Courts distribute marital assets in divorce cases […]

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