If Your Spouse Interferes with Visitation, Can You Withhold Support?

Divorce between parents can be a difficult and stressful process, especially when kids are involved. Maintaining fair and consistent visitation arrangements and support payments is one of the difficulties separated parents have. However, there are some circumstances where a non-custodial parent may discover that their ex-spouse is interfering with their visiting rights, which can cause […]

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Child Custody Battles

Undergoing a divorce is already a distressing and intricate process, and this complexity intensifies when domestic violence becomes a factor. Managing a divorce and child custody case following an abusive marriage introduces an additional layer of intricacy and anguish to the proceedings. Domestic violence, characterized as “violent or aggressive behavior within the home,” significantly influences […]

Child Discipline After Divorce: A Guide for Parents

Divorce is emotionally draining to parents and children. Given that divorce often results in changes to a child’s schedule, relationships, and housing situation, the divorce process can be extremely challenging. For the custodial parents who are responsible for guiding and disciplining the child in the absence of the non-custodial parent, this adjustment can be particularly […]

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